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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mi casa es su casa. Design inspiration from my little apartment.

Brick walls pose a challenge since you can't exactly nail into them.  In our case there were random pieces of wood placed in between some of the bricks with a couple nails scattered about.  Since I had a bunch of random framed photos friends had given me as gifts as well as prints from our Greece trip which I still hadn't figured out how to display, I decided to embrace disorder.

This dried bouganvilla has retained it's color since August, amazing!  Next time I go to California I'll grab a bunch more to use as a dining table centerpiece.  It's cheap, it's beautiful and it lasts!  Here Im using a cleaned out old anthropologie candle as a vase and sat it on top of our fish shaped cheeseboard to add to the coastal motif I've got going on.

I originally bought this ladder for storing my shoes but discovered that I like it much more for towels.  This Missoni towel was 25$ and it's not Missoni for Target people!  Just a little touch of luxury to make me smile.

I still haven't found the perfect jewelry box for storing all the random crap I've accumulated.  Until then this shadow box was the best I could do, and now that I can actually see my jewelry I'm wearing it much more!