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Friday, February 10, 2012


Have you heard of Dezso by Sara Beltran?  I first discovered her in a Bonita Summerland ad and then via the infamous friendship bracelet pic that's been floating around Pinterest nonstop.  I'd like to say she stole my idea of attaching shells to friendship bracelets but I'm sure neither of us is the first to think of it and she does kinda take the cake for dipping the shells in rose gold.

As per usual I spent a little time stalking and will now share the results with you.

Sara in a sea of her friendship bracelets via the nytimes:

A sample of her jewels:

She designs cute little clutches with her friend Jennifer Binney too:

Sara in her minimalist, beachy-chic NY apartment via refinery29:

I love those blinds and I'm fully going to hang some kinda kelp-like object above my bed like she did.

You know I love a ladder used as home decor, someday Ryan will get it too.

And yes, this is what she did for her NY fashion week presentation the other day.  Taking the scuba fashion fascination to a whole new level and I can't help but love it.

I had to hand knot my Tavarua '08 bracelet shown below, somehow I think she has people to do hers.  Not that sitting on a beach weaving thread is a bad way to spend your time...


  1. actually you both stole MY idea... I put seashells on a friendship bracelet my freshman year of high school... that would be 2002.

  2. You'd think since I have such cool, trendsetting besties that I would be too... What happened?? I've never once thought of putting seashells on a bracelet. I like the idea though!