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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bernadette Pascua

My love of Gwyneth Paltrow is no secret.  Ever since that pink dress with the necklace her dad bought her and watching Emma one too many times I've had a slightly unhealthy reverence for all things GP.  Her friendship with Madonna did kinda weird me out and her style gradually gained more rockstar edge and less American sportiness, but just as I started to get over her there came My Father's Daughter, GOOP and that great Chelsea Handler interview.  How can you not LOVE?

Yesterday I found a reason to fall even deeper; have you seen the illustrations on the new GOOP app?  Could they be any sweeter or more visually appealing? I think not!  With plenty of time on my hands to stalk the illustrator behind them, that is exactly what I did.  Bernadette Pascua is a fashion illustrator living in New York and does all kinds of great stuff. I found some favorites browsing her flickr portfolio


she has a blog I will be following from now on as well,

and don't think I missed stalking her apartment on Design Sponge, because I did that too...

Hate to digress but while writing this post I was thinking that a girl who wrote hundred's of pages worth of term paper's in college should really know how to use a semi-colon.  At some point I might have but now I have more important things to keep cataloged in my brain, like the name of Leo's newest Victoria's Secret Model girlfriend... Seriously?  Yes, Seriously I've developed a photographic memory for stuff like that.  For grammer I go to the Element's of Style illustrated edition

Now I'm tempted to blog about Maira Kalman but I'll save that for later and get to my point which is that if your wondering why my grammar is still all over the place, it's because this book has gone missing and I swear someone STOLE it.

Kara, Mom?  Just targeting the usual suspects...

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