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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St. Ignatius Chapel

St. Ignatius Chapel at Seattle University, my favorite stop of what was a whirlwind Seattle weekend tour.

and what i really couldn't capture but is one of the best things about the chapel;

"Just as in Seattle's leaden skies, the light here has to make an effort to get through and across; it has to scale each ripple and climb out of each groove. The light's labors reward our lingering. And in an inversion of the tradition that a stained glass roster of saints declares providence to the congregation, light from single shards of colored glass, concealed from direct view, alone suggest revelation. All of a sudden, an intense patch of green magically condenses on a white waxen wall and then, with the passage of clouds, it dissolves, while another apparition, this one red, quietly materializes on another wall as if by divine decree."


Steven Holl's sketch depicting his "seven different bottles of light in a stone box."

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