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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Inspiration to Save for Next Year

Every year my mom transforms her house into a homemade Christmas winter wonderland.  I love the scandinavian touches and the vintage dolls she mixes in with her santa's and elves and how just about everything she puts out has some kind of familiarity or family meaning.  This year I tried to capture a bunch  on my iphone to remember for decorating my apartment next year.  I hope you enjoy as well...

Handmade felt hearts ornamenting a fresh garland

Vintage Christmas decor on display on the shelf lining her downstairs hallway.  I love how she decided to mix her vintage dolls in with more classically Christmas items.

 Some festive DIY wrapping

 Stocking made from our old little girl oilily and garnet hill socks and tights

I love the single garland hanging above the bed and the red and pink bedding she uses only in the wintertime

                                                          Close up of a quilt to lust after...

Last but not least, simple gingerbread table settings which screamed Christmas that night but would obviously be great for Valentines day as well

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