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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orange is the new black

My immune system could really use some fresh squeezed OJ right now but since that requires a trip down the elevator, past the strange guy rocking out to imaginary music and across the cold cold street I've decided to post about the apparel version instead.

This spring/summer cycle I think we're gonna be moving on from cobalt blue to electric orange. Which is why you and I both probably need this vince shift dress

Forget the sandals though and wear it with ankle boots like Kate in her Calvin Klein.  Much sexier don't you agree?

Since we're on the topic of orange and Calvin Klein who can resist this pic of Gwyneth

Maybe your not into shaving your legs, in that case these orange Vince skinny's are pretty darn good paired with a denim shirt (or any blue shirt for that matter.)

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